Top 50 Environmental Health Blogs

One of the careers that is starting to gain traction right now is environmental health. This is because there are many challenges ahead of us related to the environment. We have been learning how what we do to the environment actually affects our health, and those who understand the connection between the environment and public health are in demand.

If you are interested in a job in environmental health, or if you are just concerned about what is going on in the world around us, you can find out a great deal about environmental health online. There are a number of blogs that provide information, news and tips related to environment health. Here are 50 of the top blogs related to environmental health:

General Environmental Health Issues

These blogs cover a number of issues related to environmental health. You can learn about how what’s in the environment can affect you, and what you can do about it.

  1. Enviroblog: Explores connections between the environment and public health.
  2. MSDSonline Environmental, Health & Safety Blog: Looks at compliance issues related to the environment, health and safety.
  3. Environmental Health News: An interesting look at the latest headlines in environmental health.
  4. Environmental Health Trust: The Blog: News, issues and more related to environmental health.
  5. Michele Fromowitz Blog: Looks at different issues related to the environment and health.
  6. Intelex: News from the world of environmental health and safety compliance.
  7. Greenversations: This blog from the Environmental Protection Agency deals with issues of pollution and environmental health.
  8. Environmental Health Perspectives: News, studies and more related to environmental health.
  9. Environmental Research Foundation: Headlines, studies, and information about environmental health.

Water Issues

One of the biggest issues in environmental health, especially in the developing world, has to do with water. Water safety, clean water and access to water are major environmental health issues.

  1. Ecover WaterAid: A look at access to healthy and clean water around the world.
  2. Clean Water Blog: Looks at environmental health and water.
  3. Water Environment Federation: Addresses issues of water quality and public health.
  4. Give Clean Water: Blog on environmental health related to clean water. An activist group trying to make clean water available to all.
  5. Clean Water Blog: A blog looking at the business side of clean water. Even in the U.S., we need clean water.
  6. What’s in Your Water?: An interesting look at water and environmental health.

Air Pollution Issues

The air we breathe is a major environmental health concern. We can see air pollution in the form of smog, and in many areas the air quality is bad enough to be a public health crisis.

  1. The Smog Blog: Updates on U.S. air quality, on a daily basis.
  2. Daily Dose of Air Pollution: Find our more about the effects of air pollution on health.
  3. The Air Quality: Headlines, commentary and more related to air quality and environmental health.
  4. Indoor Air Quality Health Update Blog: An interesting blog about the environmental health of the air inside your home.
  5. Clearing the Air: More on air quality, health, and more.
  6. Indoor Air Nerd: Another look at health and the air indoors.
  7. Clean Air & Health Blog: Headlines related to the air we breathe.

Soil Health and Contamination Issues

What about soil contamination? In some areas, food is grown in soil that is contaminated. Additionally, drinking water can be compromised by soil contamination. Learn more about what happens with contaminated soil.

  1. Soil and Water Contamination: Great information on these environmental health issues.
  2. Soil Technologies: A look at keeping soil healthy, and issues related to contamination.
  3. soilduck: Gardening, sustainability and environmental health.
  4. Contaminated Nation: A look at different forms of contamination and how they affect health, including land pollution.

Natural & Man-Made Disasters and Environmental Health

Disasters, from man-made catastrophes like oil spills, to natural disasters like earthquakes, have an impact on environmental health. These blogs track the disasters that can affect the environment — and our health.

  1. BP Slick: Continues to provide information about the BP oil spill and environmental health.
  2. Oil Spill Blog: Looks at the effects of different oil spills around the world.
  3. The Gulf Oil Spill Information Portal: Keep up with the news of the Gulf oil spill and how it still affects health.
  4. Gulf Leak Watch: More on the environmental effects of oil spills.
  5. The Stuart Smith Blog: Keeps up updated on what’s happening with the effects of the oil spill.
  6. Atomic Insights: Matters of nuclear power, including issues of environmental health.
  7. Haiti Info via Viequesbound: A look at some of the environmental issues in the wake of the Haiti earthquake.
  8. West Coast Earthquakes: Keep up with earthquakes and their effects.

Toxic Chemicals and Materials

Keep up with the headlines related to hazardous materials and chemicals in the environment. Even in your home you might be surprised at the toxins. These blogs look at the toxicity in the environment around us.

  1. Toxic Beauty Blog: Many of the beauty products we use introduce toxins into our lives.
  2. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: Latest news on environmental toxins.
  3. Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Blog: A look at different chemicals in the environment, and how they affect health.
  4. Chemical Safety Blog: Tips on safety and chemicals in the environment.

Waste Management Issues

The way that waste is disposed of is a major issue related to environmental health. From green waste disposal, to landfills, to sewage, to recycling, there are a number of issues to consider when dealing with waste and the environment.

  1. The Wasters Blog: Waste management and the environment.
  2. Water and Wastewater: Looks at managing wastewater.
  3. Landfill News: The latest on landfills, including environmental health.
  4. zero-waste blog: An interesting look at waste, environmental health, and living greener.
  5. waste for life: Reducing the negative impacts of waste through innovative solutions.
  6. REculture: An interesting look at the environmental impacts of trash — and tips on how you can stop the cycle.
  7. MSW Management: Waste management, environmental health, and ideas.

Noise Pollution and Light Pollution Issues

You might be surprise to learn that noise and light actually affect environmental health. But they do! Learn more about the effects that noise pollution and light pollution can have on health and the environment.

  1. “Noise Pollution”: An interesting look at the effects of noise from The New York Times.
  2. Globe at Night: Interesting information on light pollution.
  3. The Acoustic Ecology Institute: Great information on the health effects of noise pollution.
  4. Earth Hour Blog: Meant to raise awareness about light pollution.
  5. Dark Sky Finder: An interesting map of light pollution.
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