Average Salary with a Masters in Environmental Health

Are you interested in working in the environmental health industry? This public health field is one of the fastest-growing, thanks to public concern about saving the environment and being healthier as a society. While you can get started in the field of environmental health with just an associate’s degree, the top positions are open only to candidates who have at least a masters in environmental health. These top positions come attached to top salaries, so most students find that going back to school for a master’s degree pays for itself fairly quickly!

Environmental Health by Job Title

The job you decide to take after you graduate will dictate the type of salary you will receive. Here’s a look at some of the different career choices you have once you graduate with a masters in environmental health, along with what you can expect, in general, in terms of salary:

  • Environmental Health and Sanitation Worker: $50,000
  • Environmental Scientist: $52,000
  • Environmental Engineer: $65,000
  • Environmental Health Manager: $65,000

In general managers in this field can expect to make $58,000 to $93,000 annually. You also have the choice of becoming a consultant with you own environmental health business. Running a business is definitely not easy, but it can quite rewarding, especially financially. The sky really is the only limit when it comes to running your own business in the environmental consulting field.

Other Factors that Affect Salary

Along with job title, a number of other factors can affect your average salary as well. Location is a major player in this department, as working in high-need areas will also earn you a higher salary. In this field, urban doesn’t necessarily mean a higher paycheck. It depends on the research being done at present in the environmental health field. Other things that could have a bearing on your salary as an environmental health work include your level of experience, the company that hires you, your level of management within your company, and more.

Bonuses, Benefits, and Other Perks

In addition to receiving your base salary, environmental health workers usually receive great benefits packages, year-end or project-end bonuses, and a number of other perks. Make sure you consider these alongside salaries when comparing potential jobs.

Top Online Masters in Environmental & Public Health Degrees

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Benedictine University -- Benedictine University's Master of Public Health program is the second largest in Illinois. The program teaches students how to effectively recognize and create programs to respond to needs specific to their communities. Every course has a conceptual, factual, and skill component, ensuring that students leave knowing how to put theory into practice in the jobs they already have, and the careers they hope to have.

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