9 Inspiring Environmental Health Videos on Youtube

Environmental health is the part of public health that correlates all the necessary aspects of natural and built environment that may affect human health. In the videos below various aspects of environmental health is refocused and is been emphasized over.

  1. Environmental Health Video: This is the video about contributing to the environment by the means of computer recycling or recycling other electronic peripheral. The recycling of computer helps to protect from spreading of heavy metals like zinc, lead and copper into the environment.
  2. Environmental health by saving water usage: This video is about cutting out the household water usages employing simpler methods like never over watering the lawn, planting drought tolerant plants and use water necessary for only day-to-day activities.
  3. Environmental Health Sciences:  This is the video, where, message of environmental protection has been taught away by mean of animated film that has tried to show up cyclic process of environmental degradation.
  4. Save the Environment: This video is prepared by some young environmental activist on the burning issues of environment protection like global warming, animal cruelty, world hunger and pollution.
  5. Environment Protection:  In this video a repetitive request has been made to protect environment that has been eroding with human intervention with nature to make it comfortable and surviving to humans by destroying and disturbing it.
  6. Environmental Protection Issues: This video is about environment protection and in the video congressman John Sarbanes have tried to focus on the solution to the problem of environment and how that problem can be resolved out by enacting law.
  7. Global Warming at an Extreme Level: This video is about issues of environmental protection and global warming and views of various noted environment scientists which has been expresses over here in form of picture slides.
  8. Environmental issues in Retail industry: This video is about environmental issues and predicted about a doom that is appearing to be inevitable due to the environmental related problem as world’s population will become 6 billion by the year 2040 and there would be massive pressure over our resources. So by the medium of this has been discussed how this problem of water storage can be sorted out.
  9. Environmental Health Department Caution on Food: This video is about hazards of canned and unpackaged food as the ill impact it is making over one’s health and environment.
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