20 Android Apps Every Environmentalist Needs

If you’re an Android owner, you’ve likely figured out that you can use this cool device for almost everything. So much more than a phone and PDA, the Android has so many applications that can make life easier. That said, even the most avid Android user may not know that there are great Android applications to help you go green. Here are 20 you might want to check out.

  1. Ecorio: This great app allows you to track your carbon footprint and learn ways to reduce and offset it.
  2. Find Green: This app helps you locate green businesses in your area. It’s great for travelers who want to support green businesses everywhere they go.
  3. Greenpeace Tissue Guide: This app is designed to help you make more environmentally conscious shopping decisions. It helps you purchase recycled paper products.
  4. T-Mobile Green Perks: Available only to T-Mobile customers, this app helps you find environmentally friendly activities. In particular, it promotes partnering with T-Mobile to recycle used cell phones. By joining the campaign, you’ll also get discounts on various green products.
  5. CF Bulb Calculator: Quickly calculate the money you’ll save by switching to Compact Fluorescent light bulbs.
  6. Green Zone: Designed for the environmentally conscious gamer, Green Zone is a GEO based gaming platform encouraging users to describe their current geographical position and its degree of pollution or cleanliness.
  7. News Environment: Search for news related to the environment with this application for your Android. This app is GPS enabled.
  8. Quick New for Environment: Similar to the application above, but designed especially to provide local environmental news.
  9. USF Health News: This app offers news information about many health topics, including environmental health issues.
  10. Eco Buzz Widget: Get the latest news on climate change, learn which cars have the lowest emissions and even find out where to shop for organic items with this application and widget.
  11. Share My Resource: This app brings people together for the purposes of sharing resources. For example, if a group of people in a metropolitan area wanted to share a car to save money, gas and emissions, this app could bring them together and manage the sharing of the resource.
  12. Eco Fuel Gauge: This app calculates the fuel consumption of cars. It’s a very handy app for people who are car shopping and want to make an environmentally friendly decision.
  13. Eco Charger: Simple mistakes like leaving your phone charger plugged in when you’re not charging your phone costs millions in electricity every month. With eco-charger, you’ll be notified when your battery is charged so that you can unplug the charger.
  14. Eco-Tips: This app displays tips on being environmentally friendly from the Wildlife Fund.
  15. Eco Footprint: Calculate your own carbon footprint and learn about ways to reduce it. Information is provided by the Wildlife Fund.
  16. Eco Pictures: Get a beautiful “eco picture of the day” for your phone every day with this app. You’ll love the beautiful and inspiring pictures that will greet you each day.
  17. No Dry Clean: Use this application to find cleaners who use alternative methods for clothes cleaning to help you avoid toxic dry cleaning processes.
  18. Easy Green Tips: Get tips every day on going green with this application. You’ll learn easy ways to reduce waste and save energy.
  19. Carbon Meter: This application tracks and logs your environmentally friendly activities, like walking somewhere instead of using your car. You can feel better every day about your green activities, and look for ways to increase them.
  20. Guide to Organic Gardening: This app helps you learn all about organic gardening so that you can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers without putting harmful chemicals into the ground. This app is great for beginning gardeners.

As you can see, your Android is a great device for helping you go green while you’re on the go. You’ll find news and information to help you implement environmentally friendly activities into your life, and you’ll find ways to track those activities, as well as spreading the word about going green.

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